Living foods, yoga and mountain walking in the Swiss Alps.

29 September – 6 October 2018

Take a one-week break, away from daily stress, to unwind and regain energy, while detoxing body and mind in a majestic setting — and learn how to adopt a healthy lifestyle that has the potential to drastically transform your life for the better!

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An unforgettable experience

Testimonials from April 2017

Testimonials from April 2018


The majestic setting of Montagne Alternative is ideal to fully immerse in such a unique retreat. Absolute peace, great comfort and splendid views bring you naturally to a state of letting go of tension and increasing awareness, which are key processes to engage in authentic and long-lasting well-being.

 The project of Montagne Alternative brings to new life a small mountain village facing the sun. Beautifully renovated barns open onto majestic views and bring nature to your door. Here all senses are awakened and the local architecture takes inspiration from the strong presence of nature. The quiet, authentic and beautiful setting creates positive emotions and reinforces bonds to self and to others. The connection with Nature helps to develop self awareness and discovery, find inspiration and become a conscious actor in the building of a better world.

Montagne Alternative is located in the small village of Commeire, which is 5 minutes from the town of Orsières and 20 minutes from Martigny, in the canton of Valais (Switzerland). Martigny is a 90-minute train ride from Geneva airport.



During 7 days, plant-based, pure and living foods will regenerate your metabolism and jumpstart long-lasting wellness. Raw foods allow your body to release the energy required for healing and rebuilding, without effort or hunger. In addition, hikes in the surrounding mountains, together with daily yoga practice and meditation will boost your body, calm your mind and encourage energy circulation so you can reconnect with your inner peace.

A structured program will create daily healing practices and invite you to experience and forever imprint your brain and body with long-lasting wellness. You will have time for rest and reflection to reconnect within, as well as with nature, constantly surrounding you in its majestic beauty. An experienced and passionate team will guide you and support you to make this retreat an unforgettable experience in a safe and inspiring space.

Daily talks and workshops on raw food, detox and wellness will inspire and guide you toward deep transformation. Moreover, massages and energy work are available on demand to complete this exceptional detox and wellness retreat.

The majestic setting of Montagnes Alternatives is ideal to fully experience the body and mind transformation. Peace and quiet, modern amenities along with breathtaking views will make letting go easy for you, naturally increasing your mindfulness and raising your spirits. These are important steps to engage in sustainable and authentic wellbeing.


The Pure Detox Retreat begins on Saturday afternoon as of 5pm and ends the following Saturday in the late morning. The team is bilingual and will support you in both French and English.

The Pure Detox program includes:

  • Raw and living foods served 3 times per day, with easy to digest juices and raw snacks
  • Dynamic yoga in the morning and restorative yoga in the evening
  • Meditation upon waking and before bed to ensure deep restorative sleep
  • Daily hikes in the surrounding mountain trails
  • Informative workshops on nutrition, detox and optimal health
  • Massages, energy work and private coaching on demand
  • Top-notch accommodation in single or double rooms

A typical Pure Detox Day:

  • 7 am: Waking meditation followed by dynamic yoga
  • 9 am: Juice and breakfast
  • 10 am: Mountain hike
  • Noon: Lunch
  • 1 pm: Informative workshop
  • 2 to 6 pm: free time for rest and/or treatments
  • 6 pm: Dinner
  • 8 pm: Restorative yoga and evening meal

This program is an invitation to adopt healing rituals for body and mind, which will support the detox process and help you recover your best shape. The program can be modified depending on the weather or other criteria.


7 days away from work and domestic chores, worries, stress: this retreat will be entirely dedicated to you so you can recharge your batteries and recover your natural drive and joy!

The Pure Detox Retreat is designed for generally healthy people who want to become healthier; who are in charge of their own health and wellness or who wish to be ; who are committed to learning and experimenting the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. In case of medical symptoms and health issues, we recommend you consult with your physician before attending a detox retreat.

Many individuals have discovered the magic of raw foods from close family or friends, books, testimonials, classes or simply on the Internet. It is not an easy thing to change your diet, even partly, as it involves going against the Western mainstream. It requires changing one’s lifestyle and learning new daily habits, which is time and energy consuming.

The Pure Detox retreat aims to make things easy for you, because you will experience this lifestyle at your leisure, effortlessly and with continued support. Whether you are a weathered health enthusiast, in need of a restorative detox to recover from a period of stress or work overload and less self-care, or you just want to rest and relax, this retreat is for you!

One week of total immersion into living foods and healing practices, with a supportive and inspiring team, in a magnificent setting, is the perfect solution! It could even become the answer to a lifelong quest for more vitality and alignment at all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


To make this retreat unforgettable, we have assembled competent professionals in alternative health, who share their knowledge and experience with genuine passion and dedication to guide you to optimal wellness. Together, they offer a large variety of skills to better serve and support you on your journey. They are all professionally active in Switzerland.

Amy Webster: Detox Coach

Coach in nutrition and wellness established in Morges, Amy is a blogger, teacher, speaker and author and trainer. Trained by the famous Raw Food Coach in the UK, Karen Knowler, Amy founded the online program Easy Détox, which has been followed with great success by hundreds of persons.  She will directly share her knowledge and experience during the Pure Detox Retreat. She is the retreat facilitator who will be by your side in most activities, guiding you when necessary and providing advice and support throughout the retreat. « Heightened consciousness and healthy daily practices are the keys to optimal and long-lasting wellness« . Amy’s mission is to share her passion and this retreat was specifically designed to bring such amazing magic in only 7 days of well-deserved self-care.

For more information: www.simplementcru.ch

Benjamin Ries: Living Foods

A former journalist turned nomad cook and teacher, Benjamin runs regular living foods workshops in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. His curiosity and desire to share his passion allow him to play with multiple flavors, colors and textures. Benjamin has adopted this life philosophy: « To create a healthy and authentic world by helping others find their balance in life, health and vibrations through healing foods. » He created « Raw-Lab », a workshop in nomad, healthy and gourmet food, which promotes slow food that is free of gluten, lactose and sugar – simple and unrefined. This way of eating is full of life and vitality, mostly raw and sometimes lightly steamed. Benjamin will be your caterer and chef during this retreat and he will listen to your desires and taste buds!

For more information: www.raw-lab.ch

Georgina Peard: Yoga, Meditation & Massages

An experienced and innovative yoga teacher, Georgina is also a massage and deep energy work therapist. Irish and perfectly bilingual in French and English, she runs regular heart intelligence and self-help circles, workshops, and rest-to-rise retreats. « All the answers and resources we seek reside deep within ourselves, where we are at peace. From this authentic place our vital force energy and our joy will spring. » Georgina converted to this life-calling after a burn-out, to follow her mission to propagate inner strength and wisdom which are the keys to access happiness, freedom and authentic love. Georgina is outstanding in her teaching of yoga and meditation at all levels. She has contributed and run many retreats and will be your teacher during Pure Detox. She is available for deep healing and energy massages.

For more information: www.georginapeard.com


Price of the full retreat:

Single room: CHF 2’500 per person
Twin room: CHF 2’000 per person

The accommodation at Montagnes Alternatives is in very comfortable single or twin rooms, each with en-suite bathrooms, in beautifully renovated traditional mountain barns. In addition to the basic retreat activities, massages and energy therapy, as well as nutrition coaching, is available upon request. Detailed information will be provided before the retreat to allow optimal preparation, and a personal questionnaire will be sent for you to fill out before your arrival so we can best cater to your specific needs.

What is included in the fee: One-week accommodation in single or twin rooms. All raw meals prepared freshly by a seasoned chef trained in energizing and detoxifying food. All activities comprising the retreat: morning meditation followed by gentle yet energizing yoga, guided mountain hikes, nutrition and wellness workshops, soft evening yoga and meditation. The support and guidance of the team: Amy (coach and retreat facilitator), Benjamin (raw chef and teacher), Georgina (yoga & meditation teacher, massage therapist) and Guillaume (local host and hiking guide).

Not included in the fee: Transport to and from Commeire, a 15-minute drive from Martigny in Valais (which is a 1.5 hour train ride from Geneva airport). Massages and energy therapy, as well as nutrition coaching can be booked on request and paid on site.

Pure Détox

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